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Affect, Attachment, Memory: Contributions Toward Psychobiologic Integration AffectAttachmentMemory
Human beingsRECENT decades have seen a marked expansion in knowledge regarding human neurophysiology, and psychiatry is currently challenged with the task of integrating this information with a psychodynamic understanding of emotional life. In this paper we review portions of the relevant literature regarding the basic brain functions of affect, memory, and attachment, and we consider the implications of these data for integrated psychobiologic conceptualizations of emotional dysfunction and its treatment.
Oxytocin is associated with human trustworthiness OxytocinHumanTrustworthiness
Human beings exhibit substantial interpersonal trust – even with strangers. The neuroactive hormone oxytocin facilitates social recognition in animals, and we examine if oxytocin is related to trustworthiness between humans. This paper reports the results of an experiment to test this hypothesis, where trust and trustworthiness are measured using the sequential anonymous ‘‘trust game’’ with monetary payoffs. We find that oxytocin levels are higher in subjects who receive a monetary transfer that reflects an intention of trust relative to an unintentional monetary transfer of the same amount.
Evolving Economics: Synthesis EvolvingEconomics

This paper reviews the literature of behavioral-, experimental-, and neuro-economics research with the ultimatum and the dictator games.

Oxytocin Increase Generosity in Humans OxytocinIncrease

Human beings routinely help strangers at costs to themselves. Sometimes the help offered is generous – offering more than the other expects. The proximate mechanisms supporting generosity are not well-understood, but several lines of research suggest a role for empathy. In this study, participants were infused with 40 IU oxytocin (OT) or placebo and engaged in a blinded, one-shot decision on how to split a sum of money with a stranger that could be rejected.

Maternal care and mental health MaternalCareAndMentalHealth

A report prepared on behalf of the World Health Organization as a contribution to the United Nations programme for the welfare of homeless children.